Why Make SINMA your Business?
Because SINMA is giving you a pretty good opportunity to grow with us.


Come be a part of SINMA’s highly successful franchise as a franchisee or a dealer. Why? SINMA has accumulated a wealth of more than 20 years of experience in fashion and accessory retail that is waiting for you to tap.


With various states in Malaysia and an international choice of cities to build a profitable franchise, SINMA is offering you a pretty way to a potentially fantastic income. That’s not all. And how will you benefit as a SINMA franchisee? You will enjoy...

  • 1. An established brand name
  • 2. A comprehensive product range
  • 3. A proven Operations System
  • 4. Setting-up & an ongoing system
  • 5. Continuous improvement
  • 6. Growth opportunities

SINMA offers franchisees its "pretty" advantage to help you get your franchise outlet started with minimum fuss.

A Pretty Investment Opportunity with SINMA

SINMA is an investment Opportunity that is pretty hard to miss.

How Much Start-Up Capital Would You need For a SINMA Franchise?

The arrangement in the investment varies accordingly. However, in general, from only RM250, 000 per outlet in Malaysia, you are on your way to become a successful SINMA franchisee.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A SINMA Franchisee?

Are you...

  • 1. Ready to run a franchise business and comply with the SINMA system?
  • 2. Financially ready for the initial investment?
  • 3. Ready to serve the customers with passion and dedication?
  • 4. Able to lead and motivate a sales team?

If your answer to all these questions is a YES, then you have what it takes to successfully be a SINMA franchisee.

How Do I Apply Be A Franchisee?
It is pretty simple. Just fill up the Enquiry Form and send it to us. If you have what it takes, we will arrange to discuss with you being a SINMA franchisee. Send your application to:


6J,MP1,Meranti Permai 1,
Meranti Permai Industrial Park,
47100 Puchong Selangor,

Tel:  +603-8068 3976
Fax: +603-7068 3859
E-mail: franchise@sinma.com.my

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